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2019 Real Estate Tax Strategies

In This Article:
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    At our last Silicon Valley Investors Club meet up, my friends Amanda Han and Matt McFarland, the husband and wife CPA team behind Keystone CPA and authors of The Book on Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor, discussed strategies to maximize the tax benefits involved in real estate investing.

    In this talk you’ll learn about:

    • Tax Reforms effect on tax brackets
    • Differences in taxes between C-Corp and S-Corp
    • How to use the Flow-Through Entity tax break
    • How to maximize Real Estate investment potential through retirement accounts
    • How to take advantage of the new investment vehicle, The Opportunity Zone!
    • How to use cost segregation and depreciation recapture
    • Learn Interest Tracing and how it works
    • Understand 1031 exchange and reverse 1031 exchange
    • General mistakes and misconceptions about taxes
    • And much more!
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    Quote From The Interview: “Your Retirement money does not necessarily have to be stuck in the stocks, bonds, and mutual funds market… from the retirement account you can invest in Real Estate” – Amanda Han

    Notes From the Talk:

    3:36:  Tax Reform’s Effect on Tax Deduction in Real Estate

    5:10:  Detrimental Changes for W2 Employees

    8:18:  No Major Tax Changes for Real Estate Investors

    9:21:  Tax Changes for Primary Residents and Rentals

    13:26:  How C-Corps and S-Corps Apply to Landlords

    17:01:  Flow-Through Entity Tax Break

    19:27: Which Income is Eligible for the Flow-Through Entity Tax Break

    23:10: Retirement Accounts Vs. Investing in Real Estate

    25:50: Opportunity Zone Investment Benefits

    28:51: Requirements for Opportunity Zones

    33:21: Interest Tracing and Tax Deduction Eligibility

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    35:21: Common Tax Mistakes

    37:32: Eligibility for Solo 401K

    39:02: Which Income is Eligible for the Flow-Through Entity Tax Break Continued

    39:44: Using 401K for Property Investment

    41:09: Cost Segregation and Depreciation Recapture

    43:01: Short Term Capital Gain Tax Workarounds

    44:03: Opportunity Zone Clarifications

    46:24: Reverse 1031 Exchange

    48:45: Living in an Opportunity Zone

    51:03: Pros and Cons of Using a Roth IRA to Invest in Real Estate

    53:41: How Interest or Capital Gains are Taxed From Investments

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