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Partner at DCVC
Real Estate Investors | Tax Strategists
Group Product Manager
General partner, PVC
Certified Public Accountant, Tax Advisor
Owner of Mint Condition Fitness
Angel Investor
CEO at Hemlane
TPMing @ Slack, Ex-Google
Software Engineer at Facebook
Engineer | Investor | Real Estate Agent
Executive Vice Chairman, COO & Co-Founder at Okta (NASDAQ: OKTA); Author (Zero to IPO)
Disruption Strategist
Community Manager
Investment Firm
Real Estate Investor
Software Engineer at Google
Corporate Strategist
Trust Attorney & Founding Partner at Bridge Law, LLP
Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Agent, Investor Specialist
Engineer and Investor
Real Estate Investor
Brokers Associate
Managing Partner at PKS Law Group
Professional Organizer at Pieces into Places
Advisor to the world's leading subscription-based companies | Keynote Speaker | Author | Podcast Host
VP of Sales and Marketing at HappyCo
Principal at Monte Carlo Real Estate Investments
DevOps Manager
Search Fund Operator
Founder/CEO at Regroup
Principal Broker for Papasan Properties Group
Co-Founder of Vela Partners
Software Engineer at Facebook