About the Silicon Valley Investors Club (SVIC)

SVIC's Mission

To empower STEM employees to achieve their investment and career goals so they can help their families, friends, and communities thrive.

Who we are

The Silicon Valley Investors Club (SVIC) is a global community of STEM professionals dedicated to making smarter investments and career decisions. Whether you’re on our social media sites or our website, you’ll gain unbiased knowledge from people with similar interests as you.
We encourage discussions about all investment topics – real estate, stocks, angel investing, private equity, financial planning, career success, and more. We also have exclusive Q&A sessions with special guest experts that you can participate in, or watch/listen.

Our History

The Silicon Valley Investors Club started as an internal employee-organized group at Google. Launched in 2014, the employee group quickly swelled and became so popular that we decided to found the Silicon Valley Investors Club – a more inclusive community where both current and former technology employees can take part in our rich investment discussions.

Charities We Support

The Silicon Valley Investors Club is not only dedicated to STEM professionals, but also to doing good around the world. Since 2018, the SVIC community has made generous donations to Well Constructed – a registered charity that enables community development by providing clean drinking water to as many people as possible. The donations have allowed for the construction and maintenance of 80 water wells in Ghana, Africa. With those 80 wells, nearly 100,000 people now have access to clean and clear drinking water.

Meet the Main Contributors

Duke William Thibodeau

Senior VP of Goodboy Operations

Duke is in charge of Goodboy operations and he takes his role very seriously. He will bark at his employee (our community manager) if he isn’t working on the weekend to maintain the SVIC community or providing Duke with ample belly rubs. Duke has a bachelors degree from Harvard in barkology and an MBA from Stanford with a concentration in applied squirrel chasing.

Duke is dedicated to bringing joy and entertainment to the SVIC community. If you ever need a laugh, Duke is the one to turn to.

Still have questions? These FAQs might help:

No! The membership is free, and if we ever decide to charge, you’ll be notified ahead of time.

The Silicon Valley Investors Club caters to those in the STEM field. It’s a safe place where they can exchange information, hold private conversations among those with similar interests, and learn from each other. There are also unique investment opportunities that may arise for STEM employees that only they qualify for. We do not allow people and organizations to pitch their products and offers to our members, which is why we’ve limited our membership to STEM only.

Anyone who works in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Medical or Mathematics industries. Examples include an employee at a tech startup, a doctor or research scientist, even a software engineer working at bakery, etc.

Nope. Location doesn’t matter – if you’re in the STEM field, come join us!

Join our community to network with professionals from the best STEM companies.

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