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Join nearly 1,000 students in learning to better manage your deadlines in personal and professional settings, and explore new skills. With techniques shared in this course, you’ll finally have time to work on your hobbies and interests, guilt-free.

How to be a Goal-Getter

Price: $15.00  Course duration: 1 hour + workbook assignments  Start date: You can start today!

What You Will Learn

  • Eight phases of the Big Goal Emotional Roller Coaster so you’ll be able to assess where you are in your journey and be prepared for what’s waiting ahead.
  • How to choose between competing goals so you’re more likely to succeed with one than neither (and you can always tackle the other goal next!).
  • How to stay on track for achieving goals you’ve set so you stay motivated and positive.
  • Skills for adjusting and recovering from deviations to your plan, making setbacks just part of the game, not the end of the game.
  • Strengthen your commitment to yourself and your goals creating a tighter bond and desire to see it through, and finally
  • How to recognize when you’ve completed a goal and celebrate your success because you deserve to celebrate your wins!

Your analytical mind can’t help but pick up new skills, hobbies, and interests throughout life. But, as you’ve gotten older and busier, have you found it’s harder to carve out time for picking up new passions, or learning new skills that could push your career forward?

With our goal-achieving framework, you’ll learn proven (and painless) time management and psychological techniques that allow you to conquer any task list. Using the course workbook, you’ll put the methods into real-life practice, showing just how much you can get done in a day and still have time to spare. You’ll gain the following, indispensable skills:

  • Picking the best goals for you and understanding what it will take to achieve them so there are little-to-no surprises along the way.
  • Strengthening your resolve by developing rituals and a schedule, which keeps things routine and easy to follow.
  • Managing your time and tracking your progress so you can see how much you’ve accomplished along the way, motivating you to go even further.
  • Understanding the difference between failure and setbacks, then adjusting accordingly so you stay on track and positive – plus much, much more.

This course, formerly known as How to Accomplish Your Goals, has given hundreds of STEM professionals the ability to learn new skills, gain confidence, and simply feel on top of life rather than running to keep up. We know it can help you, too.

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What’s Inside the Course?

Once enrolled, you’ll find:

  • 10, 5-minute, daily readings so you get bite-sized bits of info that won’t overwhelm.
  • A corresponding, hands-on workbook to help you get ahead of life.
  • A test to show you understand the material.
  • A survey to let us know what you thought about the course, and
  • A Certificate of Mastery to show off to your boss, on LinkedIn, and/or frame on your wall!


The Course Includes:

  • 10 Lessons
  • Hands-On Workbook
  • End of Course Quiz
  • Supplemental Reading Material
  • Course Certificate
  • Course Survey

Module 1 – Getting to Know Your Goal

Lesson 1: How to Pick the Best Goal
Lesson 2:
Discovering the Critical Actions that will Make Your Big Goal Achievable

Module 2 – The Power of a Schedule

Lesson 3: Developing a Big Goal Ritual
Lesson 4: Building a Schedule to Achieve Your Big Goal
Lesson 5: Tracking Your Progress without Straying from Your Big Goal

Module 3 – The Power of Psychology

Lesson 6: Conquering Your Big Goal Saboteurs
Lesson 7: Harnessing the Power of an Ancient Hero to Achieve Your Big Goal
Lesson 8: Making Your Past, Present, and Future Selves Work in Harmony
Lesson 9: How to Bounce Back from Goal Failure
Lesson 10: Celebrating Your Successes


How does it work?

Big goals need to be broken down into smaller, bite-sized goals to be successful – and you’ll learn how to do that, plus put a timeline on everything along the way! To make this system successful, you should complete one lesson per day, allowing each concept to fully sink in and be understood before you move on to the next. 

A lot of online courses are incredibly long – not ours. You’re able to move faster than one lesson per day if you’d like, but going slow and steady is the name of the game. One per day also makes it very easy to fit into your busy schedule.

As for the workbook, the assignments are designed to give you real-life practice for each lesson so you learn deeper, faster, and truly see improvements every day.

Who Will This Course Benefit?

Is it difficult for you to find time to learn new programs or skills? Do you get great ideas, but inspiration is fleeting because the rest of your world always comes in for ultimate distraction and sabotage? This course can help.

Not only will you learn how to accomplish your goals, but also why you haven’t been successful in the past. And, understanding the why, is incredibly important for helping you avoid those problems in the future. So, if you think staying organized and on track with your plans and ambitions is tough, then you’re in luck. 

In less than two weeks, you’ll acquire the skills through both online and hands-on lessons to help you with any and all of the following:

  • Finally gain new skills that you’ve never had time to learn before, but always wanted to.
  • Meet personal and professional deadlines with confidence, showing your co-workers you’re hard working and responsible.
  • Find time to spend on your passions, which increases your overall happiness.
  • Have a healthier mindset when starting a new project, so you’re sure to start off on the right foot (or the left, if you’re a lefty).
  • Learn to roll with the punches that life delivers and stay on track because, no matter how much planning you do, there will always be something unexpected along the way.
  • And, simply – lower your stress while you enjoy reaching your goals.
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Meet Your Instructor

Jordan Thibodeau

Jordan has spent over a decade forging relationships with CEOs, authors, and entrepreneurs through his professional work on Google’s Mergers and Acquisitions Team, and Google’s Talks Program - a TED-like series recorded for offices worldwide. Jordan’s also the community manager and founder of the Silicon Valley Investor’s Club (SVIC).

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