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Use the Groups in your member dashboard to grow your network with our vibrant and diverse community of STEM professionals from top companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce, to name a few.

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Minwei Square

Minwei Xu

Software Engineer, Facebook

“It's refreshing to find a willingly collaborative group that has regular updates and so many free resources, like the Investor's Toolbox.”

Karen Tsai Paone

Karen Paone

HR Program Manager, Google

“I use SVIC for referrals, knowledge-building, and tips and advice, as well as the Articles and Resources pages on the website. I would definitely suggest joining SVIC. It's a wonderful community.”

Markus Square

Markus Okano

Cloud Engagement Manager, Palo Alto Network

“I absolutely suggest you join SVIC because of the daily content and how welcoming and supportive everyone is as you both learn, and help others along the way.“

Amy Square

Amy He

Product Manager, Netflix

“If you're looking to learn about investments and real estate, and you'd like to meet similar-minded, supportive people, this is a great community to join!”

Still have questions? These FAQs might help:

No! The membership is free, and if we ever decide to charge, you’ll be notified ahead of time.

The Silicon Valley Investors Club caters to those in the STEM field. It’s a safe place where they can exchange information, hold private conversations among those with similar interests, and learn from each other. There are also unique investment opportunities that may arise for STEM employees that only they qualify for. We do not allow people and organizations to pitch their products and offers to our members, which is why we’ve limited our membership to STEM only.

Anyone who works in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Medical or Mathematics industries. Examples include an employee at a tech startup, a doctor or research scientist, even a software engineer working at bakery, etc.

Nope. Location doesn’t matter – if you’re in the STEM field, come join us!