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By Jordan

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    Hey Everyone!

    Our friends in Ukraine still need our help. This time I have options for donating to refugee support, humanitarian aid inside Ukraine, or support for the Ukrainian resistance. If you have nonprofits or people you can vouch for that are helping the Ukrainians, please email us at so we can add them to the list.

    Ukraine TrustChain

    They fund 100% volunteer teams in Ukraine who make urgent deliveries, including medicine, first aid, baby formula, food, and hygienic products. Teams evacuate children and seniors from the front lines — often under fire —  and provide basic needs to the volunteer defense forces: fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters protecting their homeland and loved ones from Russian troops.

    To date, their teams have evacuated over 22,000 women, children, and seniors from devastated cities, including Kyiv, Mariupol, Dnipro, and Kharkiv.  They are a 100% volunteer-run organization with no overhead costs. Every donation they collect goes directly and immediately to support life-saving missions in Ukraine.

    To know more, click here.

    Ukraine TrustChain
    Ukraine TrustChain

    Blue and Yellow For Ukraine

    They are using funds to buy armor-plated pickups, repainted SUVs, body armor, and other vital gear for the Ukrainian army. I traded messages with the leader on Linkedin, and SVIC member’s friend trusts them and has worked with them directly. You can find their site and donation options here. This group has been in the news a few times and they have been on CNN and MSNBC. Ukrainian military medical is happy with the support given by Blue/Yellow (pictured tourniquets)

    Brothers and Sisters of St.Javelin

    A SVIC member Julia Korolko’s best friend from Ukraine organized a small volunteer group called “Brothers and Sisters of St.Javelin” with her IT coworkers; they buy food for restaurants that feed Ukrainian military and civilian people in Kiev. A message from their team (see attached for photos of their event and paypal and banking info):

    Dear Friends,
    Our small team of volunteers is engaged in the purchase of necessary products for the restaurants of Kyiv that are feeding our defenders and military hospitals (also several shelters with animals, a zoo, etc.). Also we provide humanitarian help to the de-occupied villages in Kyiv and Chernihiv regions (packages with basic products, personal hygiene products and medicine) I will be very grateful if you can support us with funds and/or a repost

    Translation of the latest post (from 10th of April) from one of the volunteers and our coordinator (Iryna Kovalenko), who visited some de-occupied villages near Kyiv with humanitarian help:

    “It is impossible to convey feelings in words. It hurts, and terrifies, and at the same time relief when you do a good deed… I am grateful for the help of Kateryna Hryshyna, Olena Shevchuk, Vasyl Kolb and others.
    Thank you Nastya Kyselova, thank you Artem Lomako for fundraising and food.
    Thank you Dmitry Tsokolov for baking delicious bread so quickly.
    We will help as much as we can, we all do the same thing!
    Glory to Ukraine!!!” 

    Vyshegrad – Lypivka – Klavdiyevo-Tarasovo (17 April 2022)

    Support Nikolay and his brigade

    My friend Oleg run’s People.Ai, and his colleague Nikolay are a part of the signals brigade in the Ukraine, so they need equipment to provide communication like radios, walkie-talkies, antennas, and supplies like med kids, food and sleeping bags for the whole team. You can donate here.


    Cash For Refugees

    If you’re a fan of direct cash donations to Ukrainian families ,VC Semyon Dukach has created a non profit that has directly paid out $450K to Ukrainians to 4,500 families. You can donate to Cash For Refugees here.

    If you want to donate via GoFundme, which is the easiest option, click here. Update from GoFundMe:

    Today, we’re sharing stories of the powerful shelter and supply impact that has been made possible by your donations.

    Save the Children is providing vital support, from setting up child-friendly spaces to distributing food, water, diapers, and warm socks to provide essential resources and giving children and families a sense of security amidst this challenging time.

    This war is one of the fastest large-scale displacements of children since WWII. UNICEF is on the ground providing support to vulnerable children and families in desperate need of safety, stability, and protection. UNICEF has set up Blue Dot hubs which are safe-stop spaces that provide essential services for families on the move.

    With many charities in need of support, it can be challenging to know where to give and how to help. This fund is set up to be a centralized relief effort where donations are spread to help the many organizations providing different types of critical aid to help eliminate this paradox of choice.

    I reached out to the international rescue committee to see if there are any remote ways of helping Ukrainian refugees; once I hear back, I will let you know. Please let me know if you know of any ways to support the Ukranian refugees virtually.

    Also, if you haven't already, please donate. You have an opportunity to be on the right side of history by donating to these worthy causes, and you don't want to look back at this moment with regret.

    Thank you!

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