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Expand your impact within your organization and grow your career by developing an effective relationship with your direct manager, key partners, and upper management. Join hundreds of STEM professionals in unlocking their career potential

Managing Your Manager

Price: $15.00Course duration: 1 hour + workbook assignments ⏐ Start date: You can start today!

What You Will Learn

  • Three fallacies about management that, when believed, can prevent you from achieving your full career potential.
  • How to study your manager like an anthropologist so you can avoid miscommunication traps that can damage your social circle or your career.
  • To prevent negative surprises during performance reviews – knowing what’s expected of you at all times and what you’re capable of is imperative for positive reviews.
  • How to triage a bad situation because, let’s face it, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Better to have a plan-of-action ready so more time isn’t wasted panicking.
  • What it means to ‘fit in’ with your company’s culture, which will not only make you happier, but more productive as well – and finally,
  • How to build a strong reputation as a dependable, responsible employee, making headway for future promotions and career advances.

STEM employees tend to believe that if they keep their heads down and work hard, their careers will take care of themselves. Sadly, that’s a fantasy. In order for you to advance your career and increase your salary you need to be aligned with your manager and organization.

With our easy-to-follow steps, you’ll learn how to build upward momentum at your company for both you and your manager. Through the course workbook, you’ll find hands-on practice to get you communicating successfully. You’ll learn the following, career-launching tools:

  • Determine your manager’s communication style so you’re able to relay information in a format that works for them, reducing miscommunication,
  • Finding Key Partners – these are your peers, customers, and your manager’s peers who give feedback to your manager. They too, play a role in your future successes,
  • How to give your manager bad news, whether something’s happened inside or outside of work, it can be difficult, but important, to let them know you need some time, 
  • Maximize your first 100 days at any organization – when you start anew, it’s nice to have a checklist of things that will build you a solid reputation as an employee, and much more.

This course has already helped hundreds of STEM employees to relate to their manager, find satisfaction at work, and eventually gain promotions. We’re confident you’ll go places, too.

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What’s Inside the Course?

Once enrolled, you’ll find:

  • 9, 5-minute, daily lessons so you get bite-sized bits of info that won’t overwhelm.
  • A corresponding, hands-on workbook to help you understand your workplace.
  • A test to show you understand the material.
  • A survey to let us know what you thought about the course, and
  • A Certificate of Mastery to show off to your boss, on LinkedIn, and/or frame on your wall!


The Course Includes:

  • 9 Lessons
  • A Hands-On Workbook
  • End of Course Quiz
  • Supplemental Reading Material
  • Course Certificate
  • Course Survey

Module 1 – Learning to Manage Your Manager

Lesson 1: Three Managing Fallacies that Prevent Us from Achieving Our Career Potential
Lesson 2: How to Study Your Manager Like an Anthropologist
Lesson 3: Determining Your Manager’s Communication Style


Module 2 – Skills for Building Your Reputation

Lesson 4: How to Prevent Performance Review Surprises
Lesson 5:
The Art of Delivering Bad News Well
Lesson 6:
How to Find Key Partners to Turbo-Charge Your Impact
Lesson 7:
How to Align with Your Manager and Your Company’s Culture

Module 3 – Planning Ahead

Lesson 8: Planning for Succession
Lesson 9:
Your First 100 Days: Not All Days Are Created Equal


How does it work?

Nothing worth knowing comes at the push of a button, no matter how hard you try to code that magical button – you can expect learning new communication techniques to take time and practice, too. Managing Your Manager is designed for you to complete one lesson per day. This allows each concept to fully sink in and be understood before you move on to the next. 

A lot of online courses are incredibly long – not ours. You’re able to move faster than one lesson per day if you’d like, but going slow and steady is the name of the game. One per day also makes it very easy to fit into your busy schedule.

As for the workbook, the assignments are designed to give you real-life practice for each lesson so you learn deeper, faster, and truly see improvements every day.

Who Should Learn to Manage Their Manager?

Most people could brush up on this skill. However, this course was written for those in the STEM industries. You’re good at what you do, but a miscommunication has knocked you back into your squeaky office chair more than once. 

When it’s not only about clearly saying what you need to say to those above you, but also getting clear instructions and feedback in return, it’s necessary to be able to empathize and understand each other. 

If you want to effectively communicate at work, recieve positive reviews, and grow your potential – this course is for you.

In less than two weeks, you’ll acquire the skills through both online and hands-on lessons from this course to help you with any and all of the following:

  • Reducing implied expectations so you always know what’s expected of you.
  • Having effective communication with your peers and managers, which increases job satisfaction for all involved.
  • Gaining a skilled set of tools for building a strong reputation to ensure you’re one others can count on.
  • Earn a promotion by helping your manager get promoted.
  • Taking an active role in your relationship with your manager which will allow you to expand opportunities for growth and advancement.
  • And, simply – have a more enjoyable, everyday experience at work increasing your likelihood for success.
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Meet Your Instructors

Jordan Thibodeau

Jordan has spent over a decade forging relationships with CEOs, authors, and entrepreneurs through his professional work on Google’s Mergers and Acquisitions Team, and Google’s Talks Program - a TED-like series recorded for offices worldwide. Jordan’s also the community manager and founder of the Silicon Valley Investor’s Club (SVIC).

Joe Ternasky

Joe is an engineering leader who has dedicated the majority of his career to developing, training, and educating culturally diverse teams. He has been an instrumental part of delivering technical experience to large-scale distributed systems, modern user experiences, cross-platform and multilingual applications.

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