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How to Use Stress to Your Advantage

In This Article:
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    In this episode of Investors Therapy, Julia Arndt shares her strategies for mindfully combating stress in both our personal and professional lives.

    Julia Arndt is a stress management trainer, personal development coach, and popular keynote speaker. You can learn more about Julia at her website PeakPerformanceMethod.com or by visiting her LinkedIn profile, following her Instagram, or subscribing to her YouTube channel. Or, you can subscribe to Julia’s inspirational and encouraging podcast “Stressed – The Podcast to Develop Your Stress Resilience” anywhere podcasts are found.

    In This Talk, You’ll Learn About:

    • What happens when we’re stressed
    • The factors that worsen stress
    • How to recognize, manage, and re-frame stress so that it benefits you
    • How to recognize and avoid toxic goals
    Investors Therapy Session #4: Julia Arndt and Jordan Thibodeau Discuss Stress Management

    Episode Notes:
    1:16 What is stress?
    6:53 What worsens our stress?
    10:30 Benefits of vulnerability
    12:00 Tools to analyze our stress and become more effective
    21:15 Importance of sleep
    24:20 Dream analysis
    25:09 Using stress to our advantage
    30:54 Determining our triggers
    36:50 Toxic goals
    46:20 Financial stress
    50:18 Three book recommendations
    56:50 Conclusion and plugs

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