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Fed Policy and Economic Recovery | Stanley Druckenmiller

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    Stanley Druckenmiller is the CEO of Duquesne Family Office, an investment fund founded in 2010 to manage his personal investments.  He is best known as the CEO and Founder Duquesne Capital, a hedge fund Druckenmiller ran from 1981 until 2010, when he shuttered the fund and returned all of the money to his clients.

    Stanley Druckenmiller’s talk covers the following topics:

    • Current state of the US Economy and its recovery from the pandemic
    • Why current Fed policy is out of step with the US Economy
    • Quantitative easing and its role in the US economic recovery from the pandemic
    • The impact of foreign sales of US treasury bonds during the height of the pandemic
    • Why Druckenmiller believes the Dollar will lose Reserve currency status
    • The role Big Tech played in stalling the slide in the Dollar
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    Sebastian Junger, author of "Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging"

    Episode Notes:

     00:01  Introduction to Stanley Druckenmiller and his criticism of:

    1) The Fed’s  action and reaction to the emergency policy and financial crisis

    2) Monetary and fiscal policy combination since Post World War II


    01:50 What is the number of asset purchases that the Feds have orchestrated after the financial crisis?


    04:41 How comfortable are you in saying that we have lost reserve status after taking some grave critical financial actions?

    07:30  What implications will the feds monetization have on the dollar?


    09:30  What is the relationship between the fluctuations of the dollar and the highest beneficiary 

               of Covid?

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