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What Makes A Great Investor | Stanley Druckenmiller

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    Stanley Druckenmiller is the CEO of Duquesne Family Office, an investment fund founded in 2010 to manage his personal investments.  He is best known as the CEO and Founder Duquesne Capital, a hedge fund Druckenmiller ran from 1981 until 2010, when he shuttered the fund and returned all of the money to his clients.

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    Stanley Druckenmiller’s talk covers the following topics:

    • Parallels between recent rally and the Dotcom bubble
    • Biggest risk to the equity market
    • How he uses TOGGLE for his investment decisions
    • Knowing when to sell
    • Managing emotions when investing
    • Figuring out what makes a stock go up or down

    Episode Notes:

     00:05   Are you seeing any similarities to the .com era 2000? And if so, what are they, if not, what are the differences?

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    08:03 Who in your opinion would achieve the 5 trillion first?

    09:48  What is the biggest risk to the equity market presently?

    11:37  Summarize the biggest risk long term post 2022 regarding federal tightening?

    12:08  Views on the importance of liquidity and long term effects on millions of retail investors and their targets.

    14:08  How different would the environment have been if Toggle was available for use in the eighties as a tool?

    16:33  As someone who is a seasoned investor, what from your experience are the keys to being a good investor?

    19:57  What in your view makes a great investor from a psychological standpoint?

    22:36  What causes the fluctuation of stocks?

    25:48  What are your views on Crypto and Bitcoin and their price targets?

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    32:21  Your views on Bitcoin and its stability and potential in the crypto/computing space

    32:57  Stan’s reaction to Doge coin and Elon’s involvement in this crypto combination

    34:27  Stan’s views on his participation in the stock market if he was presently 20 years old and just commencing his career.

    36:50  The question of Stan’s retirement and handover to a new successor in the near future.

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