Making the Future 2021 | Marc Andreessen

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Marc Andreessen’s talk covers the following topics:

  • How slow sectors like healthcare, education, and housing are eating the economy
  • How software is making the world better
  • Views on software replacing a physical product
  • Ideas on productivity growth and impediments to that growth
  • Vision for the future of A16Z
  • Impact of remote work during the pandemic

You can find the interview here.

Episode Notes:

02:23 Welcome and introduction by Patrick O’Shaughnessy to Invest like the best, a podcast geared at sharing ideas, stories, and strategies. 

03:14 Introduction to silicon valley icon Marc Andreessen, co-founder of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz; expounding his achievements and professional experiences. 

04:17 Marc Andreessen’s views and thoughts on the term “software eating the world” expounding specifically on the term “eating”

06:25 Is software the best or most efficient way to replace a physical product.

08:08 Marc Andreessen’s views on the creation of everyday systems such as Uber, Lyft and Airbnb by way of software programming. 

09:56 Marc’s views and concerns on the potential downside to automation and the issues that might arise in the future from this trend. 

12:12 Concepts on the massive disconnect between the narrative and statistics in the technological age.

12:42 Marc’s ideas on productivity growth and the impact of technological change on the economy.

14:10 Changes and future scope at Andreessen Horowitz’s; velocity and path direction of the company. 

15:42 Marc’s perception on major impediments to productivity growth and the scope of this occurrence in the next 10 to 20 years. 

18:27 Fast and slow sectors, productivity and the American dream.

21:52 Doom Loop and its effect on technological innovation, automation, escalating prices and government subsidies. 

23:09 Marc’s view on Borrowing concepts from East coast financial firms and blending them into the West Coast style of investments. 

26:54 The standpoint of lifestyle tradeoff and its impact in the last 20 years. 

28:12 The impact and experiences of remote work during the pandemic and the future cause and effect.

30:05 Cost evaluations between aggregation network and actual education – should it be bundled or unbundled?

32:09 Comparisons between Lower school and college current curriculum during the pandemic.

33:47 Brian Kaplan’s sheepskin effect explained. 

37:02 Perspective on large organizations creating their own school for prospective workers tailoring courses for jobs that need to be filled. 

41:26 The focus of entrepreneurs on cost deflation, slow sectors and the returns on technology. 

44:12 Thoughts on hardware technology; financing and future plans for the creation of new technology.

47:47 Views on the financing of complex and meaningful projects to aid in productivity growth.

54:04 What is the vector, velocity and direction Andreessen Horowitz is going in terms of new crypto funds and new partnerships?

01:03:04 What inspirations are taken from traditional east coast financial firms, traditional wall street banks, or private equity firms? Is there a desire to borrow concepts from the east coast and blend them into the west coast style of investing?       

01:05:00 Perspectives on the east coast infringing on private investment by investing in public companies.. 

01:11:56 Pulling from your conviction of the term “software’s eating the world,” how essential and urgent is it for us to build on this?

01:15:06 Opinion of the kindest thing experienced in business.

01:17:33 Thanks and closing discussion.

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