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Sacramento Certified Residential Appraiser | Ryan Lundquist

In This Article:
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    This discussion took place before COVID-19, as such you may want to consult your investment professional before acting on the information herein. In this SVIC interview, Ryan Lundquist draws upon his extensive appraisal experience and discusses the intricacies of real estate appraisal, the state of the market, and Zillow’s influence on the industry. Ryan has been appraising full-time since 2003. His clients include home owners, real estate agents, governmental agencies, attorneys, and lenders. He handles appraisals for estate settlement, divorce, pre-listing, loans and other types of private matters. He is also able to serve as an expert witness in court. He was the chair of the Housing Opportunity Committee in 2016 and He currently sits on the Strategic Planning and Finance Committee through the Sacramento Association of Realtors.

    In This Talk, You’ll Learn About:

    • Real Estate Valuations
    • The risks involved in upgrading Real Estate
    • Market Expectations and Demands
    • Zoning and pricing in Real Estate
    • The influence of Presidential Cycles on Real Estate prices
    • The Brewer Method
    • Discrepancies between appraisals and valuations
    • The advent of Zillow
    • And much more!
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    Episode Notes:

    •  02:09 How is Real Estate valued?
    • 03:38 Why is there a disconnect between the appraisal and the value of a property?
    • 04:59 Explain the Real Estate investing concept called the Brewer Method
    • 06:27 The risks involved in upgrading Real estate
    • 07:26 Market Expectations and Demands
    • 08:16 Explaining the market cycles and seasonality of Real Estate
    • 11:16 What is the cause of the ebbs and flows in the market cycle?
    • 18:38 With the downturn in sales, is an upturn predicted in 2020?
    • 22:12 Explain the closing price and the lagging indicator
    • 24:02 How important is it for persons in Real Estate to have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?
    • 26:36 How has the advent of Zillow changed people’s views on appraisals. What is your view on Zillow’s appraisal algorithm?
    • 32:54 How have Presidential cycles influenced Real Estate?
    • 40:38 How important is zoning and pricing in Real Estate?
    • 49:21 Facts on the $500 million flip
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