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2023 Predictions Thread

By SVIC Editorial Board

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    2023 Predictions Thread:

    Make any investment or non-investment predictions.

    *This was posted to the community last January 3, 2023:


    Community Answers:

    Comment #1.1:

    “1. In an environment of slow growth, falling inflation, and new monetary policies, expect 2023 to have upside for bonds, defensive stocks and emerging markets. Muted equities. Bullish bonds. And a China rebound. Dollar weakens.

    2. Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup

    2a. NY Mets win the World Series.
    2b. England wins the Women’s World Cup, restoring glory to the British Empire and makes Britons feel better after a rough go of it in 2022.

    3. The Black Sea’s living fish shall boil.

    4. Steven Spielberg and “The Fabelmans” win Oscars, along with Brendan Fraser and Cate Blanchett.

    5. ChatGPT gets a Best Original Screenplay nom but the Academy’s screenwriters division stages a walk-out protest. No one notices.

    6. Proof of aliens will be undeniable. Some event will force governments to admit they knew all along.” —SVIC Member

    Comment #1.2: (response to above)

    “I’m going to disagree on your first point. The Fed has indicated that it will continue to raise rates in 2023 but in smaller increments. Inflation in Europe is higher than in the U.S. which gives them little room to reduce rates. This environment along with slowing growth in major economies will have a large effect on emerging economies which will be negatively impacted by increased payments on debt denominated in foreign currencies. Lowered demand for commodities will also negatively impact emerging markets. I’d give them a second look in the second half but there’s still a lot of risk in them for now.” —SVIC Member

    Comment #2:

    “China Taiwan tensions will escalate and it will escalate even more due to the US interference. Stocks will become worse, gold might shine.” —SVIC Member

    Comment #3.1:

    Tesla goes chapter 11.” —SVIC Member

    Comment #3.2: (response to above)

    “Consider a major recession. Consumer spending way down globally—think about 1929. Nobody is buying new car, not too mention 50K+ EVs. Most car company sales go zero by Q4 2023. While the big 3 will be bailed out by the government, Tesla won’t be and have to file chapter 11.

    Tesla will be the last thing I worry about in such scenario though.” —SVIC Member


    How about you? What are your 2023 predictions?

    Let us know your thoughts! Check out the discussion over at the SVIC Facebook Group. See you there!

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