Working at Google, Building an Ed-Tech Startup, Exploring How GPT-4 Impacts Teaching: Tim Novikoff| SVIC Podcast

By Jordan

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    My friend Tim Novikoff joins us as the founder of Super Teacher, a tutoring app for children. This app is developed collaboratively by teachers and engineers. Previously, he served as the CEO of FLY Labs, an editing app, acquired by Google. Afterward, he worked as a Product Manager for Applied AI at Google Photos. Check out Super Teacher for free at and use the promo code “success” for a 20% discount on the premium version.

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    Show hosts Joe (Eng VP) and Jordan (M&A Deal Lead) worked at various companies from Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Salesforce, Slack, Carta, Splunk, Wealthfront, Adobe, and more.

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    00:00 Introduction and Background
    03:36 Transitioning from Academia to Entrepreneurship
    05:52 The Importance of Networking
    12:25 Sticking to Established Fundraising Structures
    17:12 Focusing on Core Competencies
    17:50 Behind The Scenes At Google I/O
    23:37 Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Dealing With Product Managers
    25:50 Google Photos & Working With AI Research Teams
    28:10 Saying No To Half-Baked Technology
    29:51 Google’s AI Team Shopping Tech To Google PMs
    33:04 Humane AI Pin, It Misses Expectations
    39:07 Super Teacher Intro
    41:35 The Importance of Tutoring in Education
    46:46 Super Teacher: Making Tutoring Affordable
    49:11 The Cutest Ad Of All Time
    50:30 The Tech Stack Behind Super Teacher
    55:24 Human In The Loop Tutoring
    56:57 Creating Two Products
    01:00:15 AI Tutoring Limitations For GPT-4

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    Join our free newsletter for the latest SVIC blog posts and special commentary only for our newsletter subscribers.

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