Strategic Tax Savings Program

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    Strategic Tax Savings Program

    Learn real estate tax strategies to help reduce your taxes & maximize your profit

    Tax Strategies Simplified

    Learn the core real estate tax strategies like expense maximization, legal entity structuring, depreciation optimization, real estate professional, and much more.

    Live Interactive Q&A

    Join other investors in weekly Live Group Q&A sessions where Amanda and Matt personally answer some of your most burning tax questions.

    Tax Tools

    Gain access to tax tools, checklists, and worksheets designed to help you systemize and simplify your tax plan so that you can easily implement the strategies.

    Replay Access

    12-month access to unlimited replay of the program modules & recorded Live Q&As so that you can re-visit the materials as needed to help reinforce your strategies.

    Strategic Tax Savings Program

    Work with SVIC contributors and tax strategists Amanda Han & Matt MacFarland to learn specific action steps needed to receive significant tax savings year after year. Join them for their 6-week program and start protecting your hard-earned money.

    The program includes multiple modules and weekly, live Q&As with instructors, Amanda, and Matt. The modules include:

    Free Course Preview

    Also, if you invest in the course and determine that it was not beneficial for you, Amanda and Matt will provide a full refund of your fees, no questions asked!

    The best part? SVIC members save $200 by entering Promo Code: SVICTAX

    Client Reviews

    Erika G.

    After taking a course from Keystone CPAs I took the plunge on a cabin in Tennessee as a way to take deductions against my w-2 income.

    Joshua A.

    Lots of great nuggets of gold to help you along your real estate investment journey. Its a great course for people who are serious about becoming successful real estate investors, have some knowledge of the industry, and/or trying to take their investments to the next level. I definitely recommend this course for those starting real estate investing or who are experienced real estate investors. Money well spent!

    Chris S.

    The weekly live Q&As with Matt & Amanda have been amazingly valuable. I would say this is one of the best online courses I have taken. I've learned a lot that will help me save money on taxes & structure my real estate business advantageously.

    Becky F.

    It was really informative to have you both bring the materials from your books alive and to allow us to bring our questions to you for your take. Thank you for being so patient and thorough with your answers as well

    Tim V.

    I was not looking for a course to take, but as it turns out, it is every bit as good and enjoyable as I could have hoped for. Your method of delivering the subject matter and the knowledge of the subjects are absolutely the best in my opinion.

    Tuan Huynh

    Matt and Amanda serve as your personal coaches. They will guide you on how to plan and implement tax strategies that significantly reduces your taxable income through deductions, appreciation, depreciation. These live meeting are not just generic information t...

    Complete Program Overview

    There are no boring tax codes, tax regulations, and complicated calculations that put you to sleep. Our program focuses on the main strategies that you need to use as a real estate investor to reduce your taxes by creating a short-term and long-term action plan. You will learn action items that you can easily implement to slash your taxes. The program modules include:

    Not knowing what is tax deductible is the number one reason investors overpay on their income taxes each year.  In this module, you will learn how to maximize your tax write-offs. We will discuss how to identify tax deductible items and how to create systems to painlessly track those expenses.  You will learn the right (and wrong) ways to deduct your business expenses and how to legally shift personal expenses into legitimate business write-offs.

    Operating in the right legal entity can save you thousands in taxes each year. Operating in the wrong legal entity can cost thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes. In this module, you will learn what type of entity is best for your real estate investments, how you should hold title to your properties, how to take profits out of your legal entity tax efficiently, and much more. You will also learn common mistakes to avoid when setting up and operating your legal entities for your real estate.

    Learn what depreciation is and how to use it correctly to benefit you as an investor. We will teach you how to calculate depreciation and optimize it in such a way that it offsets your taxable income. We will also go over strategies to super-size depreciation write-offs through cost segregation, 179, and bonus depreciation and other tax loopholes designed especially for real estate investors. You will learn how to differentiate repairs vs improvements so that you can write off more tax deductions immediately. 

    Learn the reasons why short-term rental investing is one of the biggest tax loopholes that allow investors to save massively on taxes. We will discuss what exactly is a short-term rental, how to maximize depreciation and deductions for short-term rentals, and how to meet material participation for short-term rentals to allow tax losses to offset your other incom

    Discover why real estate professional is one of the best tax saving strategies you need as an investor. Whether you can qualify today, next year, or a few years from now, we will go over action items that you need to know today to plan ahead. You will learn how to create systems to help you achieve real estate professional tax benefits and streamline the documentation process. We will also discuss tax loopholes to get tax benefits today even if you don’t qualify as a real estate professional.

    Whether it is accessing the equity in your properties, selling your properties, or passing the properties onto the next generation, we will discuss tax efficient ways to do so while protecting your wealth. You will understand what exit strategies you may have and the associated tax savings on those options.

    Learn strategies that can help you move your retirement funds into real estate in a tax-free, penalty-free way.  We will discuss tax efficient ways to get your retirement funds out of the volatile stock market, what type of real estate investments are great inside retirement funds and which ones you should avoid.  In this module, we will also cover how you can generate tax-free income from real estate for the rest of your life! 

    By the end of the program, you will:

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