Jumpstart Your Tax Savings

By Jordan

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    Jumpstart Your Tax Savings

    Learn tax strategies to become a better Real Estate Investor

    In the 4-part jumpstart course, you will learn:

    The power of tax savings

    Understand why many investors overpay in taxes & learn how tax savings can supercharge your wealth building.

    The Strategies

    Get a general understanding of the top 10 tax saving strategies especially for real estate investors.

    The Process

    Learn the six-step process to having an effective tax savings plan.

    Risk Assessment

    Questions to help assess your risk and see if you may be overpaying in taxes currently.

    Learn how to jumpstart your tax savings with your real estate investments

    Join SVIC contributors and tax strategists Amanda Han & Matt MacFarland to learn how to jumpstart your tax savings with your real estate investments. After working with real estate investors across the nation, Amanda and Matt have personally put together this introductory course to help new investors take the first step in tax savings!

    The course is separated into four parts. You’ll:

    Course Discount For SVIC Members!

     SVIC members save 15% by entering Promo Code: SVICJS

    Ready to take the first step and get a jumpstart to protecting your hard-earned money?

    Click below to take the next step.

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