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Investor Behavior During Financial Crisis

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    Dan Rasmussen is Founder and CIO of Verdad Advisers. Before starting Verdad, Dan worked at Bain Capital and Bridgewater Associates. In 2017, he was named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list.

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    Dan Rasmussen’s talk covers the following topics:

    • Bubbles versus crises
    • Investing in emerging markets
    • The challenge and strategies of international markets
    • Process to buying ADRs
    • Identifying when “value investing” works

    Episode Notes:

    01:39 Welcome and introduction to Dan Rasmussen.

    03:07 Question on security detail for conference visits.

    04:06 Dan Rasmussen’s motto, meaning and translation.

    04:32 Dan Rasmussen’s newest piece of work on emerging markets and crisis, thesis analysis and support.

    12:51 The challenge and strategies of international markets – analysed by value, price and dividend yield.

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    17:32 What is the process used in buying ADRs?

    19:09 What is the reaction of traditional endowment investors and institutional investors?

    23:48 Views on Minsky moments and its effect on private equity during the COVID pandemic.

    27:38 Analysing John Meriwether, Fama and French, Markowitz, Heber Grant and their theories. Also Perspectives on:

    1. Human behavioral patterns involving halo effect and precedence over capital pricing model.
    2. What results would occur if exact tools and datasets were replicated/utilised from the scientific model mentioned in ‘What Works on Wall Street.’

    38:23 Prospects on David Portney’s weapons-grade persuasion strategy.

    44:07 Outlooks on the human operating system’s reactions to the inevitable crash and burn of the stock market; its effect primarily on young people.

    49:23 Perspectives on the memeplex transfer of knowledge and cumulative societal evolution.

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    55:54 Views on the ability or inability to forecast a Black swan by way of data and its effect on markets.

    57:24 Views on failure to act on the forecast of the collapse of real estate and CDOs and the resulting Black Swan.

    62:33  Perspectives on Jessie Livermore and Machine Learning and its impact on this decade; the use of memes and gifs to aid in the transmission of ideas to Zoomers and Millennials.

    68:30 Assessments of young adults and their fear to openly express themselves.

    71:14 Prospects for the company’s future.

    75:07 Social handles for Dan Rasmussen and parting salutations.

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