Stanford Professors Tips on Mastering ChatGPT & Kian Gohar & Jeremy Utley| SVIC Podcast

By Jordan

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    In this conversation, Jeremy Utley and Kian Gohar discuss their research on the practical impact of generative AI on ideation and team problem-solving. They highlight the importance of treating AI as a thought partner and leveraging its capabilities in a structured conversation. They also emphasize the need to manage expectations and develop new behavioral workflows when incorporating AI into teams. The conversation touches on the challenges of interacting with AI models and suggests improvements such as introducing question-based prompts and increasing response variation. Overall, the discussion explores the potential of AI as a tool for innovation and problem-solving.

    Jeremy Utley is an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University, and co-author of Ideaflow: The Only Business Metric That Matters, for which he was named a Thinkers50 Top Innovation Leader in 2023. His work has been featured by Harvard Business Review, TIME, Entrepreneur, Inc, Fast Company, McKinsey & Co, and many others.

    Kian Gohar is a bestselling author, futurist, and Founder/CEO of Geolab, a leadership development firm building the future of work with mindset shifts in innovation and teamwork. In 2022, he co-wrote the Wall Street Journal bestselling book “Competing in the New World of Work” with Keith Ferrazzi, which was published by Harvard Business Review Press, and translated into 7 languages.

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    00:00 Introduction and Background of Guests
    01:30 How ChatGPT Changed Everything?
    03:30 How Teams Are Failing With Gen AI?
    06:03 The FIX IT Model for Effective AI Collaboration
    09:30 How To Brainstorm With ChatGPT?
    13:50 The Importance of Variation in AI Responses
    18:00 Changing Your Expectations With AI Systems
    20:50 How “Coach” Can Help Employees Get The Most Out of AI
    27:00 Ethan Mollick’s Tips For Using AI
    30:00 Development of Coach & Potential Partnerships
    32:10 Finding Product Market Fit With Coach
    34:10 Using ChatGPT To Serve As A Emotional Buffer
    35:20 Role Play With ChatGPT For Salary Negotiations or Tough Convos
    38:00 Using Community To Craft Better Prompts
    41:50 Innovation Sandwich Technique

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