Top 10 Mistakes New AirBnb Hosts Make

Top 10 Mistakes New AirBnb Hosts Make

As a new airbnb host, you will likely make a ton of mistakes. Mistakes aren’t always a bad thing, however, and can often lead to learning how best to modify your protocols and overall strategy. Your goal should simply be to minimize these mistakes, and learning from established hosts is one of the best ways […]

How to Become a Full Time Airbnb Host

How to Become a Full Time Airbnb Host

Introduction Working in a tech job has tons of perks – high pay, great office spaces, and smart coworkers – but it also has its drawbacks. If you’re anything like me, creating value for other people in a big company will leave you feeling hollow and unfulfilled after a while. During the pandemic, I began […]

A Landlord’s Nightmare Tenant Story: Learn How You Can Protect Yourself

nighmare tenant

Here’s my worst tenant horror story and how you can mitigate this risk. For many, the thought of buying a rental property is daunting. The most common reason I hear is the fear of having a nightmare tenant. So let’s start there. I’ve dedicated this post to sharing my worst tenant story, the lessons I […]

What California Landlords Need To Know: Update on Covid-19 Protections

New Laws California Landlords Need To Know

AB 2179 and SB 847: Two New Laws Impacting California Landlords Marc-Anthony Yakou, Esq.  April 5, 2022 Summary: This article provides an overview of two new laws that took effect on April 5, 2022. Assembly Bill 2179 modifies the state eviction restrictions in California, and Senate Bill 847 amends the state’s consumer fraud statute.   […]

How To Invest In Out-of-State Rental Properties

How to Invest In Out-of-State Rental Properties

As with any new endeavor, investing in real estate for the first time, let alone out-of-state investing — can be a scary and nerve-racking proposition. I was always fascinated by real estate investing and the success stories that were shared in blogs and podcasts. I started reading books, listening to podcasts for years since 2018. […]

Best Practices for Rental Lease Contracts

Best Practices for Rental Lease Contracts

*This article was originally published on Hemlane’s blog.   Best Practices for Rental Lease Contracts Property management is a litigious business. A lawsuit or threat of one will make landlords consider whether investment properties are worth the headache. A quote from Scott Smith of Royal Legal Solutions: “If you’re a serious real estate investor, the […]

What We Learned From Moving Our Properties Into an LLC

Disclaimer: Information presented here is what we learned, not advice on what you should do. It is presented only for self-education. This is not expert advice. This is not legal advice. I am not a lawyer. I am not an accountant. I am a licensed real estate agent in California, but I am not your […]

How To Interview Property Managers

The property manager (PM) is arguably the most important person on your investment team. Without him or her it is incredibly difficult to scale your real estate investing business. That being said, when hiring your property manager, referrals are not good enough. You need to properly interview potential PMs to make sure he or she […]

Long-Distance Real Estate Investing

Most members and readers of the Silicon Valley Investors Club live in the Bay Area, where it is no secret that real estate prices are sky-high. Despite the pandemic slowing price and rent growth in major cities, the Bay Area remains one of the nation’s least affordable places to live – RefiGuide reports that San […]

5 Rules to Rental Property Management in 2022

property management

Summary: In this post, you will learn how to effectively manage your long-term rental properties, whether you have one or 100 units. The majority of real estate investors self-manage, bypassing formal property management and exposing themselves to increased liability and wasted time. Learn about how to build the right team around you, and set expectations […]