How To Invest In Startups – Part 2

Welcome back. This is part two of Silicon Valley Investors Club’s guide to getting started in startup investing.  In part one of this guide, we talked about the first two steps of startup investing: to create a startup investing budget and to determine your target market. In part two of this article, we will talk […]

How To Invest In Startups – Part 1

investing in a startup

This article is written by Yigit Ihlamur (@yihlamur), co-founder and general partner at Vela Partners, an AI-enabled venture capital firm.  As a venture capital firm, Vela Partners is frequently approached for advice about startups. How does someone build a successful startup? How does someone invest in a promising startup? Many articles try to answer the […]

Common Angel Investment Mistakes

As a venture capital investor, I review, assess, and track hundreds of startups every year and have seen some of these companies, including some of my investments, grow to billion-dollar outcomes. But, I still could not tell what was really different between those which did become great successes and those that did not, and neither […]

How To Invest In Startups With Angel Syndicates


Dan Hightower, a two time venture-backed founder and Angel investor, shares how to invest in startups with an angel syndicate from how to start to picking a syndicate and making your first deal.

How to Become an Angel Investor

“It’s important to maintain an investment journal. Not only is it a way to help you make an investment decision, but two to three years from now, you will see how you made that decision, and it will help you to improve yourself in the next set of investments that you make.” – Yigit Ihlamur […]