Where and How to Start Investing? Advice For Beginners

Where and How to Start Investing? Advice For Beginners

SVIC Facebook Q&A Discussion: Advice on Where and How to Start Investing   Question for the group: *This question was asked to the community last March 22, 2022: I earn almost 7 figures at a FANG company but have made almost no investments other than retirement accounts and a personal home. I just don’t know […]

How To Compare Investment Property Loans

Parameters To Consider When Comparing Real Estate Loans

What we learned about lending for real estate – Part 2 of 3 This is part 2 out of 3 of a longer article, “What we learned about lending for real estate”.  We explore some often used loan products for financing real estate purchases. For this part, we’ll talk about the different criteria in loan […]

Analyzing Private and Public Valuations in 2022

Price Tags on Tech Companies - Analyzing Private and Public Valuations

Price Tags on Tech Companies As investors, we are always paying attention to the valuations that are being set by both public and private markets. Today’s post is a review of current public market valuations, how we see that flowing through to private markets, and where we see things going from here. Background: Government policy […]

The Tax Differences Between Debt and Equity Partners in Real Estate

The Tax Differences Between Debt and Equity partners in Real Estate

Amanda Han and Matt MacFarland have recorded a video to teach us about the tax treatment of debt and equity partners in real estate investments. This video is from their Strategic Tax Savings Program. In this program, you’ll learn about: How to maximize tax deductions How to create the most tax-efficient legal entities The tax […]

How to Select the Right Retirement Accounts

In this post, I will explain the various types of retirement accounts. By the end of this post, you will have learned:

What taxes are and how they work
The various types of retirement accounts
How to optimally save for retirement

How To Invest In Venture Capital

Venture Capital

Venture capital is catching a buzz in the headlines recently, with Garry Tan’s $300,000 Coinbase investment translating to over $2.4 billion in public markets, and Peter Thiel’s $2,000 Roth IRA clocking in at over a whopping $5 billion today. Additionally, interest and money invested in venture capital have been growing dramatically. Through Q1 of 2021, […]

Tradeoffs of Early Retirement

Introduction In this article, we discuss the power of compounding returns over time to help you  understand what the right retirement age could be for you. We’ve also charted some models to help you visualize these ideas below. Some topics we’ll discuss are the following: The relationship between annual growth rates, investment multiple, and time. […]

What happens to my 401k when my company is acquired?

Summary: In this article we will explore the options for a 401(k) plan that is being terminated, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.  If your company is in the process of an acquisition or merger, a retirement account may be the last thing on your mind. After receiving this new (and potentially […]

Types of Software Metrics

Historical returns and sample ETFs to track investing in software and technology. 12 popular software metrics that are useful for both investors and builders of software companies to evaluate and assess future business prospects.

Getting Over the “Market Crash” Hurdle

Wendy is the principal broker for Papasan Properties Group @ Keller Williams. She has locations in Austin, TX, Dallas TX, Houston TX and Minneapolis MN. In addition to leading her real estate teams, she is the co-host of the popular podcast Empire Building. She shares her approach in finding a great investment opportunity and the right questions to ask before moving forward.