Building a Network for Success


About This Course

Have you ever wished for a guide book, or step-by-step process for growing your network? How-to’s for growing gardens are out there – why not networks? Do you watch colleagues gain friends and connections like it’s nobody’s business? We felt that way for a long time, too. 

That’s why this course was created – to help those of you who have a hard time connecting with people. Whether it’s because of stress, anxiety, fear, or you just don’t know what to say – we get it. In this course, you’ll gain the following, career-saving skills:

  • Developing stronger relationships through the five ways of giving.
  • Overcoming the fear of reaching out to old connections and confidently starting conversations with new (and old) friends and peers.
  • Meeting new people without the icky networking feeling, and showing confidence instead.
  • Developing bridging connections that can link you to new networks, growing your overall web of collaborators, and
  • Sincerely saying thank you to those that have helped you along the way, gaining their thanks in return – and their respect – plus many more skills. 


Will you survive without these skills? Sure. But, will you be happier and more successful having them? Absolutely!

This course has helped hundreds of STEM professionals step outside of their comfort zone and watch it grow, open new opportunities they wouldn’t have seen otherwise, and simply meet new people without sweating. We’re sure you can benefit from it as well.

Please, feel free to take a free preview of the course – or – jump right in!