New Laws Affecting the CA Rental Market


California recently enacted landmark legislation capping rent increases and requiring “just cause” in order to terminate tenancies. Real estate lawyer Puneet Singh, from the PKS Law Group, joined us to talk about the new laws and what landlords should be aware of. Her talk covers
rent control, just cause requirements, and other significant laws that will impact your business operations.

You can find a recording of her presentation here.

Discussion topics include the following:

  • Rent Control
  • Termination of Tenancies and “Just Cause” Requirements
  • Longer Notices for Rent Increases
  • Mandatory Section 8
  • New Security Deposit Requirements for the Military
  • Delays to the eviction process
  • And much more!

Notes From the Talk:

0:09: Puneet’s property management law background

2:04: Introduction to new property laws

3:00: Rent control and just cause

3:21: Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (AB 1482)

4:26: How rent caps work and how it applies to landlords

9:21: Rent cap exemptions

11:41: Single family homes and condos exemption

14:42: What is just cause and how does it work?

17:45: Just Cause: At Fault Evictions 

22:14: Just Cause: No Fault Evictions

29:48: Mandatory section 8 (SB 329)

35:27: Rent increase notices (AB 1110)

36:38: Security deposits (SB 644)

37:20: Lease termination notices (AB 2343)

41:57: Rules on rolling back rent

43:35: Can land lords adjust the deposit via amendment with the Rent Increase Cap

44:15: Will Just Cause lead to an increase of terminated tenancies

45:05: How long does a tenant need to stay for just cause to kick in

45:15: Can I still get rid of a problematic tenant within 2019?

46:34: Do the new laws apply differently to landowners with more than two properties?

47:05: How should I send out notices to tenants who live in properties not subject to rent cap?

48:02: Signing complaints through Docusign explained

48:20: Can you negotiate a deal to avoid the legal process of just cause?

50:24: Are condos also affected by AB 1482?

50:33: Does an unpermitted bathroom that was ordered by a government agency count as no fault?

50:50: Does selling a property mean it is taken off the rental market?

51:24: Does converting to Airbnb or Vrbo Unit count as withdrawal from the rental market?

51:44: Should you have insurance for wrongful evictions?

52:36: Common mistakes and quick fixes from first time landlords

56:20: How to conduct due diligence on out of state attorneys

57:39: Services PKS Law Group can offer real estate investors

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