Investors Therapy Session #1: How to Become an Angel Investor with Yigit Ihlamur

It’s important to maintain an investment journal. Not only is it a way to help you make an investment decision, but two to three years from now, you will see how you made that decision, and it will help you to improve yourself in the next set of investments that you make.– Yigit Ihlamur

We here at Investors Therapy are excited to announce the launch of our new web show! Creatively named, Investors Therapy is a brand new video series based on our monthly newsletter that can be found here on the SVIC website or over on our YouTube channel. Our goal with this series is to showcase the diverse and unique mindsets, tendencies, and journeys of a variety of well-respected and successful investors in order to help you continue to hone your own investment skills. Shot in an interview format, each episode highlights one investor as they share their personal investment story in their own words. The series emphasizes the psychological aspects of being an investor.

In the premiere episode of Investors Therapy, Jordan interviews Yigit Ihlamur, a former Googler and founding partner of the venture capital firm Vela Partners. The two discuss the ins and outs of Angel Investment, and Yigit shares a number of tips and tricks that helped him become a successful Angel Investor.

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The interview in Episode #1 of Investors Therapy covers the following topics:

  • What an Angel Investment is
  • How to create an Angel Investment thesis
  • What risks are involved in Angel Investing
  • How to build a pipeline to discover Angel deals
  • How to analyze Angel Investments
  • How to conduct due diligence
  • The importance of an Angel Investment thesis
  • The financial aspect of Angel Investing
  • How to prevent yourself from falling prey to the emotional traps that can hurt Angel Investors
  • How to avoid common mistakes and become a better Angel Investor
  • …And much more!

Notes From the Interview:

2:29 What is Angel Investing?

3:11 Unique advantages of Angel Investing

5:21 Ways to be an Angel Investor 

7:12 The risks involved in Angel investing and how to minimize them

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10:14 Holding periods for an Angel Investment

12:43 How to find Angel deals

15:34 How to develop an Angel Investment thesis and why it’s important

21:41 How many deals to analyze before making an investment

24:09 What to look for in a good Angel Investment

31:42 How to analyze an Angel deal and what financial indicators to look at

34:28 How to conduct Angel due diligence

40:20 Understanding the paperwork involved in making an Angel Investment

47:32 Dilution’s affect on your investment

50:27 What you should do after making an Angel Investment

53:43 How the VC investment process works and how to conduct due diligence on VCs

1:00:20 How Vela conducts due diligence on deals and the importance of building a deal mastermind group

1:06:44 Common cognitive biases and the importance of an investment journal

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1:11:25 How to make better investment decisions in the future

Books Recommended By Yigit

1:13:36 A book that made you a better Investor – Angel by Jason Calacanis

1:13:52 A book that made you a better thinker – Innovators by Walter Isaacson

1:14:33 A book unrelated to investing that made you a better person –  Why Nations Fail  by Daron Acemoglu

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Ryan Lundquist
2 years ago

Nice job Jordan. I look forward to seeing how this evolves. Keep up the great work!!