Investor Interview – Mike Fuller


During our Annual Silicon Valley Investors Club meet up, fellow investor Mike Fuller joined us to talk about his experiences investing in real estate. This episode is jammed packed with great tips and advice to help any full time employee get started in real estate investing.

In this talk you’ll learn about:

  • Why Mike started investing in real estate
  • Why he focuses on A and B neighborhoods
  • How he manages his properties out of state
  • How he scaled his RE investing endeavors
  • How he partners with property managers to find properties
  • Challenges he faced during his investment career
  • The importance of having a conservative investment approach
  • What he learned from the financial crisis
  • The power of paying for real estate in all cash
  • Why refinancing can be tricky
  • How to use property managers to close real estate transactions and to vet properties
  • The importance of using your time efficiently so your real estate investing doesn’t get in the way of your full-time job.
  • And much more!

Quote From The Interview: “A full bank account is like a full bladder. Some people feel the urge to piss it away.” – Warren Buffet

Notes From the Talk:

0:56: Start to Mike’s real estate investment

2:38: Mike’s experience with property managers

3:18: How to handle multiple properties

3:35: Mike’s early challenges

6:37: The financial crsis and the expensive education of real estate

10:22: Financing when handling multiple properties

13:15: Equity, gains, and losses

15:29: Why refinancing can be tricky

17:36: The importance of having a real estate investing philosophy

19:27: Using property managers to close real estate transactions and to vet properties

23:18: The trouble of trying to find a good deal in a pricey market and the problems of trying to sell your investment

Links from the episode:

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