Funny Friday: The Ultimate Guide For Crafting A World Class Linkedin Farewell Message

One of the most challenging aspects of leaving a job is how to craft a memorable Linkedin farewell message. A Linkedin farewell message is used to broadcast a corporate warrior’s intention to trade in their current badge/leash for another company’s badge, branding, and cute corporate mascot. It’s a pivotal moment in their lives that ranks up there with their purchase of a Peloton bike, Tesla, Patagonia jacket, or Burning Man tickets. 

Here at SVIC, we want to help you take your Linkedin farewell message to the next level, so we have decided to create a template you can use for your big announcement. 


Manager Ad

(template for a Linkedin farewell message)

Hey everyone!

Big news! (Everyone loves exclamation points!) I’m leaving (insert here your current tech company) to start my next adventure at (new tech company).

But before I leave, I want you to know that my time at (current tech company) has been life-changing! I will never forget the amazing backgrounds my colleagues share, the unique challenges we went through, and the game-changing synergies we built at (current tech company).

At (current tech company), we really practiced our core values of putting the user first and being excellent to each other. That’s why, when I decided to join (new tech company), I wanted to make sure they have the same unique mega-conglomerate values as (current tech company). (New tech company) really puts the user first, cares about employees being good to each other,  does well by doing good, and (insert here some new business consultant cliche – triple bottom line, stakeholder capitalism, social good, etc.) . 

Which is why I’m so happy to announce I will be joining (new tech company) as (insert here new role: Senior Associate GTM, Principle Associate Engineer, Associate VP2, Full-stack something, etc.)! (New tech company)’s mission of (insert here: Democratizing something, powering the future with AI, decentralizing colonoscopies, empowering the user to lose millions on stock options, flying cars, etc.) will not only help our users, but it will move the needle on (Insert here a social cause: world peace, poverty, global warming, etc.).

Thank you all for being great colleagues! (Add the following clause if you think you might boomerang back to your current company: And I look forward to seeing you all again!)

(Insert here an inspiring and innocuous message: Carpe diem! Hustle Hard! You only live once!)


(Insert here your name)

(Insert your photo into this template and attach it to your farewell message because people like seeing your face!)

Id Badge No.1 1

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